Adopting Geant4-DNA for non-gold metallic nanoparticles

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There is a dedicated example, AuNP, for simulating electron tracks in gold nanoparticles using the Geant4-DNA physics constructor. In the case of the same investigations in other metallic nanoparticles such as silver nanoparticles, can I simply replace the G4_Au material in the code with G4_Ag, or it will not lead to valid results?

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the low energy cross sections are available only for electrons in water, gold and silicon.


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it is potentially possible to create an application, in which inside nanoparticle standard EM physics with condense history simulation is used but outside in liquid water DNA physics models are used. There are principal limitations for accuracy of simulation with standard EM physics in nanoparticle scale and one should be careful with the setup and interpretation of the results. For today it is the only possible solution even with latest Geant4 version 11.2.


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Yes, this can be a reasonable solution for now to go ahead. But actually, my goal was to employ only the most accurate G4EmDNAPhysics for all of the configurations designed in the simulations (i.e., a cancerous cell along with attached nanoparticles to it), which also supports the interactions of electrons with the energies down to a few eV. I hope the desired feature is added to the DNA physics in the newer versions of Geant4.

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