_AllHP physicslists do not track metastable states

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Hadr03 example with the QGSP_BIC_AllHP physicslist to simulate neutron irradiation of different samples. My goal is to obtain the number of metastable states created with Indium targets.

However whenever I use the _AllHP physicslist no metastable states are produced at all.

For example for 10^4 neutrons with energy 2.5 MeV irradiating a 1 cm Indium target. The In115(n,n’)In115m cross section is 0.343 barns at this energy so the total number of In115m produced should be approximately 127 with a density of 7.31 g/cm^3 of natural indium. Yet I have none.

This happens every time I use the _AllHP physicslists : they do not track metastable states !

How come in the _AllHP physicslists no metastable state is tracked at all ? Is there any way to change this ?

Thank you in advance,

_Geant4 Version:_11.2.0
_Operating System:_Red Hat 8.5.0-18
_CMake Version:_3.20.2

In PhysicsList.cc, QGSP_BIC would do …

Yes, but the validity of the cascade models (BIC, INCL, BERT) is questionnable at energies in the 0-20 MeV range. The results are not in agreement with experimental data…