Amd intel cpu does it matter?

Does geant4 run better on one type of cpu over the other such as intel vs amd? Or is higher core count the better mostly? Thanks

As with all of these types of questions, it depends on your application and use case(s). Unless you profile your application to find the bottlenecks, there simply isn’t a yes|no answer.

First thanks for your reply. I am curious if amd will run into any errors compiling/running geant4 executables. I had a short time with an amd laptop recently where the geant4 b4 executable file would just stop and close while running.i was not sure if it was because of some kind of amd cpu isssue vs intel for geant4

I use a system with an AMD 3900X Ryzen processor. It works perfectly with Geant4.

Any faster with 12 cores?

If you write your simulation so that it can use multi-threading then yes, using 12 cores results in roughly a 12x speedup.