Any VTK examples?

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_Geant4 Version:_4.11.1.0
_Operating System:_Linux Fedora
_CMake Version:_3.27.7

I don’t see any examples of the use of vtk visualization in the examples directory of geant4-11.1.0. Could someone please point me to one? Thanks.

There’s no specific example. Just build with Vtk (see Installation Guide), then you should be able to use Vtk (/vis/open Vtk)with any example or app.

Thanks, John. I will give it a try. I was under the impression that vtk has some additional functionalties, like saving the view in a file. I assume I will find something like export view as… in the menu. We’ll see.
Thanks again.

Ah, yes, Munther. I’m afraid I forgot. There is examples/extended/visualization/vtk but

Author: Stewart Boogert <>
Date:   Sun Sep 17 17:02:45 2023 +0100

    vis vtk : added VTK example

which means only since 11.2.

Of course, once you build with Vtk, you get lots of nice commands. I recommend 11.2.

Ok, thanks. Downloaded v11.2.1 and now compiling. I do see the example examples/extended/visualization/vtk now. Getting a new geant version compiled with all the options I am used to is always a pain! Hopefully the vtk example will work. I will let you know.

I was to able to compile v11.2.1 and run the vtk example. Thanks!

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