applyICM command in G4 11.1.2

Hello, in my laboratory we use a G4 simulation with Geant4 11.0.
A collegue (from other laboratory) tried to use it at his laboratory and they just installed G4 11.1.2 but they get the error

***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </process/had/rdm/applyICM 0> *****

the command is a radioactive decay G4 macro command, then it doesn’t depend on our code (and in the macro that I shared it is wirtten after the run initizialization). Maybe was this command dismissed or did it change in G4 11.2?



this command was applied without any effect and was recently removed. In reality, ICM flag is enabled in G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics physics constructor. It may be disabled using another UI command. For ordinary usage the default setting is OK.


Hi @civanch
Thank you!

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