Auger and Conversion electron's Parent ID

Hello everyone! As we know an isotope such as I-125 has a radioactive decay process and after the process, it produces a bunch of Auger and Conversion electrons. In this regard, I am focusing on tracking each of the particle products in Geant4-DNA by using the verbose 1 command. However, I found an interesting result from that, which is the electrons are emitted directly from both the I-125 (Track ID: 1) and also Te-125 (excited state, Track ID: 13) process different from my initial expectation that all the electrons would be emitted from Te-125 (excited state). So I assume that Geant4-DNA separates the process like this attached figure. Due to I would like to confirm this assumption, if you all have any opinions about this, could I ask you to share your thoughts? Thank you so much!