Blurry labels in qt view

I am having difficulties with the labels, see attached image.
labels for the colorbar are fine initially, as soon as I start rotating the view, the fonts disappear…

is this a known issue? maybe an incompatible qt version? using 5.15.2

thanks for hints!


edit: screenshot is from a win10 machine, same issue is happening on an intel mac

It’s one of those “features” that comes and goes. It’s cause has eluded us. We keep hoping it will go away with future versions of Qt. Interesting it happens on Windows too.

I’m on Qt 5.15.0.

Two thoughts come to mind:

  • Use OGLSX (if it’s available in your app).
    • You can choose a good view with OGLQt, then /vis/open OGLSX, /vis/viewer/copyViewFrom viewer-0, /run/beamOn ....
  • I’m not too familiar with the command-line scoring (is that what you’re using?). Do you /vis/disable during the run, then /vis/enable and draw the scored data? Can you repeat the drawing? If so it would mean you could change to OGLSX at end of run, and re-draw.

Good luck.

Recompiled with Qt 6.0.0 (on windows), that did not do the trick ¯_(ツ)_/¯

yes, I am using command line scoring, as you described. I can redraw, with the labels being visible until the first change of view. OGLSX was not activated, so I cannot quickly test without recompiling geant.
I did some test with ogls (would that be that similar?) but the app crashes reliably.