Bremmstrahlung in material ( example B4a)

Dear Experts,
I am using example4a code with
a CH3NH3PbBr3 material as absorber, 1.4 mm thick. I use 450 MeV electrons.
I see a deposited energy (Eabs histogram) with peak at 0.7 MeV.
Then, I deactivate the Bremmstrahlung, but get a very similar distribution in Eabs,
while I expected to see in this case less deposited energy.
Am I missing something?

Best, Marianna.

_Geant4 Version: 10.7
_Operating System: centos9 on nlxplus at cern: 5.14.0-362.8.1.el9_3.x86_64
_Compiler/Version: gcc version 11.3.0
_CMake Version: 3.18.3