Bremsstrahlung energy spectra discrepancy


I have a simple x-ray source simulation (electron beam hitting a tungsten target at an angle and then the generated bresstrahlung and characteristic photon beam gets filtered in an aluminum filter). When I run it, I get expected results for up to about 110 keV electron beam. If I run with an electron beam above about 110 keV (say 140 keV), I get a weird peak/hump from about 110 keV to the maximum electron energy I have (140 keV in this case).

I am not able understand why this is happening.

I had started off from the TestEm5 example. I have attached my mac file (I had to change the .mac extension to .txt extension for the uploading purposes) and an example spectrum to understand the weird peak/hump.


PS. I was not sure weather this post belongs on Physics Processes category or Recording category. Please let me know if I was wrong in choosing Physics Processes category. --First time poster.

MyMac_v1-1.txt (17.2 KB)


I would suggest to check your analysis . It is likely not physics problem but scoring problem.


I am working for this simulation, but I am using Matlab to plot spectrums