Build in Visual Studio not successfull

Hi everyone,

somehow i fail to build the projects in visual studio. I have tried geant4 version 10.6 (on VS 19) and 10.4 (VS 17) but everytime there have been projects that were not built successfully. For geant4 version 10.4 I activated “GEANT4_INSTALL_DATA” and “GEANT4_USE_OPENGL_WIN32” on CMake and the configuration and generating was done without any erros.

Here’s the corresponding output in VS 17:

What am I missing here? I’ve tried to build the projects multiple times, also switched from debug to release mode but no success. With the entire build process being very time consuming (1-2 hours) each time i thought it might be a good idea to ask for help over here.

Best regards

You might want to check that Cmake 32 bit was used and ‘Win32’ was selected for the ‘Optional platform for generator’ (in the pop-up window you see when clicking on the ‘Configure’ button)?

It looks like the G4PII1.3 data library wasn’t present when the install started. Could you check to see if the directory C:/.../Geant4/geant4_10_04_p03-build/data/G4PII1.3 is present? It’s possible this failed to download during the build.

First of all, thanks for the immediate help. I’ve run through the process with the geant4 10_05 version and as you suggested, there was no access to certain folders as the required data somehow was stored in subfolders. Simply copy and paste those folders to the right destination fixed the issue for me.

After that i’ve been trying to make the B1 example work in release mode, successfully. However, as i am interested in debugging the B1 example i would like to make it work on debug mode. Building geant4 10_05 in debug mode results in linker errors (see Errors when trying to build Geant4) and building the B1 example results in an exception.

Is it possible to build geant4 and its examples in debug mode?