Calculating time resolution in PET

Hello Everyone
I was calculating time resolution of PET using GEANT4. I used advanced example of doiPET and modified it according to my specifications. I then made coincident list mode data where coincident events were sorted by event number. After subtracting global time information of two coincident hit photons I plotted the graph of time difference and number of events. But my time resolution came out to be quite small like 100 picoseconds which I think is not the case in real. What further can I add to my design to have more realistic data. Or is this result correct too ? Kindly clarify this doubt once.

Dear @deepachoudhary ,

If you use the values from Hits they are ideal and therefore likely not realistic. The concept of Digits are precisely what you need. They are supposed to represent the detection-chain process. The digitization process in hardware in reality needs some time to digest the signals and it is the users responsibility to take care for this. I know this is not really the measurement you may want but it what it is.


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Dear @pico
Thank you so much for your response. I understood your point, I will try to setup digits in my simulation.
Your help is highly appreciated.


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