Can Geant4 be Used for Carbon Foil Experiments?


_Geant4 Version: Any
_Operating System: Windows 10
_Compiler/Version: Any
_CMake Version: Any

I am hoping to use Geant4 to simulate particles passing through thin carbon foils but haven’t found anything in the documentation demonstrating it as a capability.

We are hoping to simulate the passage of heavy ions (1-56 amu) through thin carbon foils (~100-1000 Angstroms) at energies between to 500 eV to 50 keV. We have initial conditions of position, trajectory, energy for individual particles impinging upon the carbon foil and seek final conditions position, trajectory, energy of each as they exit.

Is capability available through the Geant4 simulation package? I am grateful for any guidance you can share.

Tyler Eddy

Hello Teddy,

This is capable through Geant4. The ions will interact with the thinnest foil (100 angstroms/0.01 um) you require for your simulation with the default step size. You can retrieve the final conditions as required by following the particles step-by-step in your code (SteppingAction class). I would recommend starting with the Geant4 examples in extended/hadronic, particularly Hadr01 and Hadr03.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Kind Regards,