Can geant4 define a moving detector?

Hi geant4 community,
Can geant4 define a moving detecor (or Volume)? I want to have a detector moving forward and back during the simulation. May I ask how to make it? I didn’t find materails about moving detector in geant4 manual.

Yes it can. You can easily do it:
G4GeometryManager* geomMgr = G4GeometryManager::GetInstance();
geomMgr->OpenGeometry(LV*); // repeat for each volume you want to modify (not including daughters)

// Notify the VisManager as well
G4VVisManager* pVVisManager = G4VVisManager::GetConcreteInstance();
if(pVVisManager) pVVisManager->GeometryHasChanged();

Hi @arce,
thanks for your reply. In this method, how to assign the move direction and speed?

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