Can i replace cmake (for updated version) after installing Geant4 ?will it affect pre-installed Geant4?

Hello Experts,
I want to update my cmake version because old cmake ( that i used for installing Geant4) is giving me errors when i am installing ROOT Software .
so i just wanted to know that if i un-installed old cmake version and install new cmake version then will it affect my pre-installed Geant ?
or if i install new cmake then again i have to install or Update Geant4 with new cmake or it will not affect my installed Geant ?
can anyone solve my doubt if i do new installation of cmake ?
Thanks and Regards

No, a new CMake version install will not affect the installed Geant4. There is the possibility that warnings about CMake policies may be reported as a result of find_package(Geant4) with the most recent versions of CMake, but generally these can be ignored,.

Okay, thank you so much .