Cannot simulate 1E10 histories

Dear all,
I have run my simulation with 1E10 histories but It notified an error as shown in the following figure.

If I change to 5E9 histories, It simulated done without the error.
How can I fix the error? Thanks in advance.

The number of events is a G4int, which is a 32-bit signed integer.

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I write it as a positive integer but it still gives the same error. But if it is written as 999999999, it will still run normally.

/run/beamOn accepts only integer values…and the maximum integer number is 2147483648 (i.e. 2^32/2)
if you need to simulate 1e10 events, you must use multiples runs

/run/beamOn n1
/run/beamOn n2

/run/beamOn n
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