Can't find G4HadronCaptureProcess.hh

Just a simple question - when I try to include G4HadronCaptureProcess.hh in my Physics List, I get the error from the compiler stating “fatal error: G4HadronCaptureProcess.hh: No such file or directory”.

According to the documentation, G4HadronCaptureProcess.hh seems to exist, and Geant4 seems to be sourced correctly because all the other header files can be found when running the code without the “#include “G4HadronCaptureProcess.hh””.

Please let me know how to solve this error. Any help is appreciated!

Edit: Updated typo in post (G4HadronProcess → G4HadronCaptureProcess)

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Hi sunkari
It perhaps the problem of the version you are using. There are much upgradation happened recently in the PhysicsLists. If you reduce the version say 10.6 than you will not find this error.


In Geant4 version 11.1 G4NeutronCaptureProcess. G4HadronCaptureProcess was never implemented and was removed.


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