Can't understand some remarks about example RE05

1 In Geant4 4.11.1, I see the RE05, some remarks I can’t understand.

Int “”

G4bool RE05CalorimeterSD::ProcessHits(G4Step*aStep,G4TouchableHistory*)
//***** RE05CalorimeterSD has been migrated to Geant4 version 10 that does not
//***** support Readout Geometry in multi-threaded mode. Now RE05CalorimeterSD
//***** is assigned to a dedicated parallel world. The pointer "aStep" points to
//***** a G4Step object for the parallel world.

  G4double edep = aStep->GetTotalEnergyDeposit();
  if(verboseLevel>1) G4cout << "Next step edep(MeV) = " << edep/MeV << G4endl;
  if(edep==0.) return false;

What the Readout Geometry means?
And these remarks want to tell me which thing I can not do?

2 In Geant4 4.11.1, Does the multi-threaded mode have some case should not be used

Thank you very much.

Dear @Ziyang_He

I have not worked with that particular example myself but given they mention a the parallel world. I think it is useful to think whether the author meant the (Readout Geoemtry) to be a non-parallel geometry.

To learn about parallel geometries see here:



Thank you :grinning:
When I do the project again, I will study it again :grinning: