Cerenkov Radiation

Hey Everyone! Cerenkov’s radiation in GENT4 gives the energy spectra how one can change it into number vs wavelngth ?

Energy of Cherenkov radiation?

I’m sure there is a way to do it in GEANT4, but i would just get the data in energy and convert to wavelength using the Plank relation

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Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestion. But It did not show anything. I was trying it in the example OpNovice2. Should I use Plank relation in G4Cherenkov.cc class ?

Can you show your code where you apply the Planck formula?

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You can use the Plank relation wherever you want to see the data. The energy spectrum is your resulting data and is a 2Xn array (or however it is stored) where the x value is in energy. You just need to convert the x value to wavelength using Energy = planck constant * wavelength. The absolute easiest way to do this is save the energy data and use whatever you are comfortable with (excel, python, matlab, etc) to change the x axis values

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