Change user name


how do I change my user name…?

Best, Ben

You cannot change the username yourself. The username should reflect if possible your name and surname as it appears in messages headers.

Well, I see many users here which don’t provide name and/or surname :wink:

With whom can I get in touch to let it change?

Providing the name and surname is mandatory and we’re progressively correcting those who initially did not.

Isn’t it sufficient when I provide it in my profile but use a different name in the public?
Or at least without my surname?

There’s a 3 day grace period immediately after signup to change username. After that we’d need a very good reason to change it other than the cases noted by @gcosmo.

Alright, to whom can I reach out to in such a case?

Tell us here what is the username you would like to have and we see if we can change it.

Actually, I don’t mind but when I’ve to pick I’d take “DeLaRiva”

Otherwise I’m also fine with BenjaminW

OK, it’s now changed to “BenjaminW”.

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