Changing Geant4 installation settings

Hi, i’m a student in nuclear physics and i had to install Geant4 for one of my course.

I installed it on my Manjaro system with the AUR package maintained by “donpicoro”. As i was showing my teacher my installation method, he told me that doing it this way i didn’t explicitly choose some settings that i was supposed to turn on during the installation process such as the ability to use multiple cores, etc.

Can i change these parameters somewhere ? or Do i even need to change these parameters (they might be on by default with the AUR package, i don’t really know) ?

I’m pretty new to Linux as a whole and thus i’m not really familiar with it yet nor am i familiar with Geant4 yet so i’m hoping you guys could help me out.

My software:
Geant4 version: 10.6.2-1
OS: Manjaro 20.1.1

Thank you very much.

When you install packages from AUR you anyway need to build them, so you have control over the configuration. There is always PKGBUILD file that provides the configuration:

And you can edit this file prior to installation. In case you are using some aur manager to install packages, it should typically ask you if you want to edit this file. Have a look at the link above (or better at the file you downloaded) if that configuration suits you. Multithreaded mode is switched on.

Thanks a lot i didn’t know about this, my AUR manager didn’t notify me i could change it but i’ll keep that in mind next time. I’ll ask my teacher if this configuration is ok or if i need to change it. Thanks again :slight_smile: