Cherenkov rings formed but can't detect optical photons in analysis

Hi, I am a newbie in Geant4. I have been trying to simulate a RICH detector with a NaF radiator. I started with the example B2a, and implemented the optical physics processes. When I use a particle beam of electrons, I can notice the cherenkov rings being formed in the visualisation. Also, in the run summary , I can see that the optical photons are produced (I imported the run classes from the example OpNovice). However, when I do the analysis, and try to make a histogram plot in ROOT of the log of energy, I don’t see any counts below 10^(-5) range. Optical photons should give me some counts in the range of 10^(-6).

How do you detect the particles? Typically in a sensitive detector, or user stepping action, there is code to specify the particle. Are you sure you’re filtering for opticalphotons?