Class with own vector

Good day to all, I am relatively new to Geant4 and my supervisor wants me to create a new class with its own vector.
The vector should store the EventId, ParentId, Edep, Hits, arrivaltime and their average value per detector.
The background is that we want to run a simulation with a lot of events, the data that are stored in the vector per event should be read out afterwards.
Does anyone have an example or could give me some tips, because I do not know how to start.

This all sounds like fairly simple things to implement using Geant4, but it sounds like you may not know how to do it in C++
This is a great reference for C++ in general, and these pages cover the start of classes and vectors.

If you have specific questions on how to get EventId, ParentId, I would look at the Geant4 documentation on tracking