I’m using CMake 3.18.0 (Windows GUI) with MS Visual Studio Community 2019
Version 16.11.3 for the installation of geant4_10_06_p03. Everything looks OK (no errors in the building process), but nothing is generated in the directory specified by the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. I first tried the default (C:/Program Files (x86)/Geant4), and I thought this may be a directory permission issue. However, changing it to a different directory didn’t help. Interestingly, I see the dll and lib files are generated in ‘BuildProducts\Release\bin’ and ‘BuildProducts\Release\lib’, respectively, under the build directory. Has anyone had this issue?

After posting this, I found the build option had been unchecked by default for the ‘INSTALL’ project configuration. After checking it, I see the files in the directory.

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