Colored boxes How to get them

Hi All,

I have a question about colors… How can I change the color of a box?
I was able to change the color of the contouring lines, but not the inner region.

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Hi Valeria

Not quite sure what you mean - contouring lines? inner region?

There are several ways to set the colour:

  • Set the vis attributes (G4VisAttributes) in the logical volume;

  • At run time, use /vis/geometry/set/colour.

Also, you can change from wireframe to surface drawing with /vis/viewer/set/style.

If you are using the Qt GUI, you can change the colour of individual volumes in the “scene tree” and there is some “right click” functionality about styles.


Hi @allison

Yes, the question was about how to change colours of individual volumes, related to the inner regions.
In the end I solved exactly in the same you have suggested.

Thanks anyway!