Compare simulated and experimental data

Hello! I am a new user of Geant4 and I am simulating a HPGe detector. I would like to use a 137Cs source and record a spectra.
The .mac file that I am using is the following:

/control/verbose 2
/run/verbose 1

#/gun/particle ion
#/gun/ion 55 137

/tracking/verbose 2
/run/beamOn 1

/tracking/verbose 0

/analysis/setFileName Cs137
/analysis/h1/set 1 150 0. 1500 keV #e+ e-
/analysis/h1/set 2 150 0. 1500 keV #neutrino
/analysis/h1/set 3 4096 0. 1500 keV #gamma
/analysis/h1/set 6 100 0. 2500 keV #EkinTot (Q)
/analysis/h1/set 7 150 0. 15e3 keV #P balance
/analysis/h1/set 8 100 0. 100. year #time of life

/rdecay01/event/printModulo 10000

/run/beamOn 1000000000

What is confusing me is how I will compare my simulated spectra with real data that I took with a 137Cs source of 50kBq activity in 15min. Should I scale it somehow?

If someone could help me with this I will really appreciated it

Thank you very much!

Hi, I am not sure what program you are using, but you have to match your simulation geometry and detector details with that of your experiment. That is, you need to run the simulation with the same detector-source distance, detector size, orientation with respect to the source, possibly the same shielding, etc. Then you can scale the results by the number of source photons for the simulation and experiment.

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