Compiler Issues in CENTOS 8

Dear experts,
I’m trying to install Geant and GATE on my personal PC. I converted my PC to Centos 8 that I understand it’s what CERN is using as they’ll not be making SLC8.

I’ve successfully installed Geant v4.10.05.p01 , and examples B1 and B2 run. I’ve also tried to install Gate 8.2 and as soon as I type make I get a huge number of disparate errors that I’m told to be dependent on my gcc/g++ version, which is 8.3.1

I’ve been told that I should install gcc 6.3, but I can’t find any way to do this on centos 8, while it appears to be simple in centos 7.

What do you recommend me to do? Is there a simple fix to make the compilation run in centos 8? My student managed to compile it on ubuntu with gcc 9! Or is there a way to install gcc 6.3 in centos 8?

Thanks in advance!

If these errors are coming from compiling GATE, then you should contact their support to resolve the issues. Looking at, there is GATE 9.0, which may resolve some issues.