Concentric Spheres Detector Materials

Hello All, I am creating on detector which is composed of 4 concentric(0,0,0) spheres with different inner radii and outer radii. so, consider most outer sphere, there is gap between the outer radii of most outer sphere and outer radii of sphere inside that sphere. now, I want to fill material into this gap. How can I fill the material?

Ps. while creating each sphere I am creating material and putting into it. But I am not sure how it is filled by geant4. Does material of inner sphere override material of outer sphere automatically so that I will get the material I want in that gap?

Appreciate the support of community. Thanks!!

Yes, the inner sphere’s material overrides the outer. This is what Geant4 means by “daughter volume.” The Geometry chapter of the Application Developer’s Guide should help with this.

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Thank you very much!!!

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