Core dump , microelectron

hi everyone. I am new in geant4. I just have a very simple question. I want to simulate UFSD Detector and I am starting with a microelectronic example. I just change the material of the world from silicon to air and a core dump happens. is anyone know the reason?and what should I do?
thanks, a lot.

  • G4Exception : em0002
    issued by : G4MicroElecMaterialStructure::ReadMaterialFile
    file /usr/local/geant4/data//G4EMLOW8.0/microelec/Structure/Data_.dat not found!
    *** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***
    **** Track information is not available at this moment
    **** Step information is not available at this moment

post the exact line with your changes.
Frequent mistake is to mix up upper and lower case, is it G4_AIR that you use?

I define air in this way :

//Define Air
G4double A = 14.01 * g/mole;
G4double Z = 7;
G4Element* elN = new G4Element (“Nitrogen”, “N”, Z, A);

//Define Oxygen
A = 16.0 * g/mole;
Z = 8;
G4Element* elO = new G4Element (“Oxygen”, “O”, Z, A);

G4Material* Air = new G4Material(“Air”, 1.29mg/cm3, 2);
Air → AddElement(elN, 70
Air → AddElement(elO, 30*perCent);

fSolidWorld = new G4Box(“World”, //its name
fWorldSizeX/2,fWorldSizeY/2,fWorldSizeZ/2); //its size

fLogicWorld = new G4LogicalVolume(fSolidWorld, //its solid
Air, //its material
“World”); //its name

and I didn’t get any errors
thanks in advance

You are missing a * between 70 and perCent

No, it’s there. The asterisk between “1.29” and “mg” got combined with the asterisk between “70” and “perCent” to be interpreted as “*text*” and everything from “mg/…” to “…70” was rendered in italics.

When quoting blocks of text, put a special line of three backquotes before and after the block. Thus:
here’s some text I want rendered literally
will be displayed as

here's some text I want rendered literally