Coulomb elastic scattering in Geant4

Dear friends,

is there any statement to define Coulomb scattering elastic in Geant4? in my simulation program I have low energy protons (< 10 MeV) as incident particles which they interact with SiO2 in a bulk. I used “GetProcessName” statement in stepping verbose to understand which process have been occurred. when the process name is elastic, how can I understand it is Coulomb elastic or nuclear elastic? I mean is there any statement in Geant4 to determine which category of elastic (Coulomb or nuclear) has been occurred?


Thank you

if you add /process/list in your macro, you will see that Coulomb scattering is named CoulombScat and nuclear : hadElastic

NB : by default, single Coulomb scattering in not registered in any electromagnetic physics lists.
instead, it is multiple scattering, which is named : msc


in ordinary Physics Lists Coulomb scattering is not applied at low energy. Instead, multiple Coulomb scattering is used, which at each step of a particle simulate many Coulomb scatterings. In special Physics Lists elastic scattering process may be applied, for example, in DNA Physics Lists or if G4EmStandardPhysicsSS is used.