Creating a dose map 2D histogram

Hi everyone!
I am trying to build a dose map for a Gafchromic film and I am a bit stuck (I need to get a contour plot like the one attached). I know that I can easily do it with a scoring mesh but I am trying to figure out how it could be done with scoring hits + applying Analysing Manager.

I was first thinking to plot a 2D histogram but it includes only 2 variables and I did not get whether I could use energy deposited/dose as my ‘weight’ (?). Second, I was reflecting upon swapping my film with a parameterized volume, then just extracting the dose from each voxel and plotting the dose profile automatically. I also know that there is a MutliFunctional detector with Hits map option but I cannot get how it can be tackled to resolve my issue.

I would be very grateful if you could provide me with thoughts on how it could be implemented on Geant4.

Thanks in advance!