Creating a monochromatic, planar source with spatially varying intensity

I am trying to simulated dose deposition during an X-ray CT scan. So far I have been using a general particle source to make a planar, parallel beam of monochromatic energy. This would work well for a flat x-ray source but I need to account for having a beam of spatially varying intensity. What would be the best way to do this?
What I was going to do initially was to divide the plane source into many smaller sources and assign different intensities to each of those but I’ve found creating this many general particles sources using macro commands is far too slow and inefficient.

My current hope is to introduce some kind of intensity bias in the x and y direction for one big planar source but I do not know how to do this or if it is even possible. The manual mentions /hist/ commands such as /gps/hist/type biasx which looks promising but I have not been able to use it to any effect and I am not definitively sure from the manual what its function is.

tl;dr I would like help to create a monochromatic, planar source of parallel x-rays that varies spatially in intensity.
Any help would be muchly appreciated

For anyone else who comes along this problem biasx, biasy and biasz can be used to set intensity profiles of general particles sources however what was not obvious to me was that they are not applicable to plane type sources. They do work on volume type though so all I did was create a volume of small thickness in z so I could still effectively treat it as a plane source.

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