Cross-secrion using Hadr03 example

Hello geant4 users, i`m working to obtain the cross section of Zn66(p,3n)Ga66 reaction
but in the output i have only 2 cross section value and a lot of reactions are appear (as it explained in the picture) how could i know the cross section just for one reaction.

also when i take the values of the cross section and try to plot it i got the same behavior as the reference paper but the data is not the same

please how could i solve these problems??

I have repeated your exercice (with QGSP_BIC_HP selected in
I attach macro and printout.
The total cross section is ~1.24 barn (1.225 from input table)
On the printout, I have kept only channels involving Ga66
Assuming that all excited states decay in IT mode, there are a total of 736 Ga produced for 10000 protons beam, ie. 7.36%
Then the cross section for these channels is ~1.225 * 7.36% = ~90 mb

omar-03.mac.txt (331 Bytes)
omar-03.out.txt (3.1 KB)

you can redo the exercice with higher statistic.

thank you very much, i tried it in different examples it works perfectly.

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