Csomic Ray Shower library

Hi everyone, i have installed the latest version of Geant4 10.05.01.po1 in fedora 28. I have downloaded the software library with the examples from ,Simulations , and made the desired changes. But in the downloaded software library , i didn’t get any inputFile which required in to incorporate the CRY library and event generation.
So, please suggest me how i could find or incorporate the InputFile to add CRY library in my Geant codes.

There may be some help/hints in other posts on the use of CRY in Geant4 if you haven’t seen those (and other users of CRY may of course comment here). Otherwise, it may be best to ask on the CRY mailing list linked on the page you pointed to?

Also, just to note that the latest version of Geant4 is 10.7.3: geant4.web.cern.ch and we’d strongly recommend use of this as 10.5 is no longer supported.

Dear bmorgan ,
Thanks for your kind reply and also sorry for late replying .I was busy with other part of my research wok.
I have seen others post regarding CRY library but all were asking different queries not similar with my problem.
In CRY library their input file is of some char type in their generator files . Therefore i don’t know what actually in their input file . I will surely mail them and see what they send to me as you suggested.

Suppose i have some data in the root file format . Can i used in CRY codes as they stores files in cmd format, which i don’t understand yet?

I think this will need clarifying with the CRY developers (I have no experience with this library, so can’t be of much help I’m afraid), but I’d guess that until the format read/written by CRY is understood, use of ROOT may not help much.