Dataset cannot be downloaded

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Geant4 Version: 10.7.4-11.1.1 (older version not tested, may included)
Operating System:: MacOS Ventura 13.3
Compiler/Version:: Apple clang version 14.0.3

Dataset hash mismatch while installing like

-- verifying file...
-- MD5 hash of
  does not match expected value
    expected: '07773e57be3f6f2ebb744da5ed574f6d'
      actual: '8f388d08d9de80d8255e1762d8b81d58'
-- Hash mismatch, removing...

While I download the dataset manually, after clicking, it is redirected to Geant4 homepage. I guess the broken dataset downloaded by compile tools are also Geant4 homepage HTML source code.

Is there any trouble on Geant4 dataset download hyper link?

There’s currently an issue with domain URLs, and the only workaround at present is to find places that use, and change these to We don’t have a timescale for a fix or resolution to this, though we’ll update the website accordingly.

We think this is now fixed, but please report any further issues!

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