Defining a radioactive source of given abundance?

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I am trying to model my source like a compound instead of a single ion, LaBr3(Ce). The idea is to get an estimate of the internal activity of a LaBr3 detector due to the presence of 138La. ( 0.089 relative abundance).

The other approach is to model a 138La cylindrical source with a given length and diameter.
I am not clear as to how to incorporate the natural abundance of 138La (0.089%) in that volume. Is there any command to control the activity/amount of ions?

Or is it possible to model a radioactive source with a compound(here LaBr3(Ce)) instead of an ion?


As you have probably already seen in your other two equivalent postings, the geometry materials are not trackable particles, so they don’t decay. Use G4ParticleGun or GPS to specify La-138 as the primary.

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