Defining geometry of circular sensitive detector

I am constructing a cylindrical detector where a circular plate on one side will act as sensitive detector and record photons. I want to divide circular plate in small elements such that while recording the photon, I can measure detector position. Can someone explain how I can divide circular plate into small crystals for recording purpose. Without doing that the root file is not generating.

Thank you

If you’re writing your own SD code, you don’t necessarily have to divide the volume at all. Just include the post-step coordinates in your hit output, and you can “divide” or “bin” the hit positions in your analysis code.

how can I get the position on the detector where the photon hits. Without dividing detector I am only getting the value of z axis of my detector rest are 0,0. Kindly guide.

Do you have an SD that you’ve written yourself and registered as part of your geometry (in the ConstructSDandField() function)? If so, the post-step point attached to the step includes the exact position of each step.

Sorry for late reply sir (health issues).
Yes, I have defined ConstructSDField and post step function is attached to it. But the position of photon is still wrong. (screenshot attached)

How to resolve this ?
Thank you so much.