Definition of radioactive source as a primary particles

hello everyone,
I want to define Ir-192 as a primary source of particles, is there a suggestion for this purpose.
Thank you …

Hi idrissi_abdelghani,
You can use General Particle Source(gps). There are some examples about using GPS.

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I want to define a spectrum like this one as primary particles

/gun/particle ion
/gun/ion 77 192
/gun/energy 0. eV

I assume G4RadioactiveDecay process is registered

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If you want to just generate the lines, rather than letting Geant4 do the decays for you, you should be able to use GPS. Besides the examples, there is documentation in the Application Developers Guide, with code and macros using it in a number of the G4 examples

cd <geant4-source> examples
find . -name '*.mac'|xargs grep 'gps.*hist'

In fact, one match in particular has a rather suggestive name for your purposes, “./advanced/brachytherapy/test_macro/iridium_source_primary.mac”


Thank you for the answers,
It’s very helpful