Deposition energy from photoelectron

Hello dear Geant4 users!

I am writing programs in Geant4 to simulate photons emit in scintillator. Are there any ways to distinguish between the whole attenuation and the energy deposition dominated by photo-ionization? I just need the value of photoelectron deposition energy in scintillator.

I appreciate your help very much. Thanks for your time and consideration!

You may identify the Track ID and event ID of the electron depositing energy. Then, you retrieve the secondary radiation field in every event (see for example radioprotection example), with track ID, particle Type and process of origin. From this information you can retrieve the contribution of the photoelectrons to the edep. Note: atomic de-excitation is on by default. So some energy deposited by electrons is carried “away” by fluorescescence X-rays. I would suggest to have two simulations. One with fluo on and one with fluo off.