Detection and scoring

I’m all new to GEANT 4, and I follow developer guide and basic examples (b3a) to achieve my idea, I already constructed my physical volume and specify my TLD properties and primary generator but I can’t do scoring for TLD, how can i do it? (2.2 KB) (2.0 KB)

_Geant4 Version:11.2.1
_Operating System: Windows 11
_compiler/Version: MSVC v143 - VS 2022 C++ x64/x86 build tools
_CMake Version: 3.28.1

It depends on what quantities you want to score, and whether you want to sum these over a run, or record them on an event-by-event basis. If you can explain your use case and this, it’ll be easier to provide guidance.

I need to simulate a TLD reading as an occupational nuclear medicine physicist

Thanks! What does that involve in terms of the quantities you need to score (apologies, I am not familiar with TLD) - e.g. energy deposition, dose, etc?

Yup , dose (instant and accumulated) if possible


There are many methods to score. One of the methods that I generally use is to create a score_method on physical volume of my choice. The other ways include primitive scorer definitions as described in example 3a (you mentioned).
Try to see what you missing in lines 252 to 271 of detector construction.

If the case is dose collection look eventAction line 74. This will be the total dose deposition in a run. Total dose means integrated over steps of the particles.


I got your idea , but when trying to implement it I get no dose reading in TLD (2.7 KB) (1.9 KB)

In eventaction line 67
you can make a print test
something like

G4cout << "Dose = " <<  dose << G4endl;


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