Detector efficiency colormap for different source locations

Dear Geant4 users,
I’m a student new to Geant4.
I will be very grateful if someone could help or provide me with some hints.

Up to now, I have successfully defined a volume source for gammas and my detector geometry with its respective sensitive detector to score the hits using the B1 example as a base code.

I would like to know how can I obtain a detector efficiency distribution for different locations in the volume source. My goal is to display a colormap in order to see how the location of the emitter affect the measurement.

Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure to understand , you want to know the efficiency of your detector in various location ?

If that your point, you could duplicate your detector in the different locations, and compare the result in histogram or ntuple ?

For colormap, the only way I know is to use G4ScoringManager (you can find example in BookForApplicationDevelopers


Thank your for answer,
I would like to display the efficiency of detection as a function of the location inside the volume source something like a thermography for the activity measured in the volume source. Is that possible?