Detectors for multiple logic volumes: correlations study

Hello everyone,

I am trying to deal with a detector setup comprising of

  • Logic Volume 1: 7 Physical volumes having a unique copy number (0-6)
  • Logic Volume 2: 4 physical volumes having a unique number (7-10)

The two LVs are only different due to geometry. I am trying to get the energy deposited in each PV (0-6 and 7-10); thus, I think using only a single hit class will be better.

However, I am not sure about the definition of my sensitive detectors.
1.) Shall I create two different detector classes?
2.) Create a single detector class but create two instances for the 2 LV’s.
3.) Define a single detector and single instance and record the energies in a single nTuple with the information for the corresponding LV-PV?

For correlation type of studies, I think that from the analysis point of view, 3.) shall be most efficient. However, I am not sure how can I associate an ID for a Logical volume for each hit. Can anyone share their suggestions/thoughts on the same?

Please let me know if I wasn’t able to clarify myself.
Thanks a lot!