Deuterons on G4_Li

From G4TENDL1.4 Debain repository

  • Isotopes not coming from TENDL-2019:
    • The 5 isotopes in the JENDL/DEU-2020 data library, for incident deuterons on Li-6, Li-7, Be-9, C-12 and C-13

I’m looking to be sure about this.
Does this mean the 5 isotopes listed above are included in G4TENDL1.4 even though the aren’t from TENDL-2019?

Thank you

Yes it seems you are right!
If you download G4TENDL1.4 and go into the ‘Deuteron’-folder, there is another README which says:

The following isotopes have been translated from the JENDL/DEU-2020 [5] data library,
instead of TENDL-2019: Li6, Li7, Be9, C12 and C13.

The source (and maybe reason why they did this) is cited:

[5] S. Nakayama, O. Iwamoto, Y. Watanabe, and K. Ogata, 
"JENDL/DEU-2020: deuteron nuclear data library 
for design studies of accelerator-based neutron sources"
 J. Nucl. Sci. Technol., 58(7), 805-821 (2021).

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I thought about this for a while…
The physics list QGSP_BIC_AllHP is the only physics lists (as far as i know) which uses the evaluated data files to which the environmental variable G4PARTICLEHPDATA points to (e.g. G4TENDL1.4).
Looks like much effort was put into G4TENDL1.4 for deuterons on Lithium, Beryllium and Carbon but i am getting better results with the physics list FTFP_INCLXX_HP, which does not use TENDL.

Better results mean:
I found a paper where they measured the angle-differential neutron yield for deuterons on carbon.
I recreated the experimental geometry/parameters in Geant4 as good as described in the paper.
I compared the simulation’s results with the paper and the INCLXX physics lists were by far the best fitting.

Did you do something like this too @m.b.james ?
Since we are working on similiar things, do you want to exchange Emails and compare how we did things?

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I did something similar awhile ago. I’d need to find those simulations; if I still have them.
Email contact would be great.

I see no direct message function on the forums to send my email.
What do you propose?

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I created an email for this purpose.
Feel free to contact me via:
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