Different physics models for different particle

Hello all,

I’d like to apply the different physics models for some of particles.

More precisely, I’d like to apply different scintillation ratio (fast to slow) for each particles(such as electrons and protons) in a scintillation material by applying different scintillation property in PhysicsList.

I had found classes like ProtonScintillationYield and others for different scintillation light yield per particle, but I could not found any options for applying different fast-to-slow component yield ratio for different particles.

Or is there other way that It can be done? I appreciate for any insights.

Thank you.


There’s no existing way to set a different yield ratio for different particles. One would need to modify the Geant4 source code so that kYIELDRATIO in G4Scintillation.cc was replaced by e.g. kELECTRONYIELDRATIO, kPROTONYIELDRATIO etc. Have a look at G4Scintillation.cc::PostStepDoIt and GetScintillationYieldByParticleType.

Hi dsawkey,

Thanks for the answer. As you said I realized that few days after I posted this, and currently trying to modify some parts of the G4Scintillation and G4MaterialPropertiesTable to apply new properties by particles paralleled with ScintillationByParticle so that It can have different yield by particle type as well as the different yield ratio.