Diffraction Pattern in Optical Physics

Hello Everyone,

is it possible to simulate diffraction with optical photons in Geant4? For example simulating a light source through an aperture? It doesnt seem so in my similations

Thank you very much!


No, it’s not possible. Geant4 treats optical photons as Newtonian “corpuscles,” not as waves. Apertures, no matter how narrow, act as simple “collimators.”

I put a little thought into how to do this a long time ago, and it wouldn’t be easy. I think you would need to define the aperture itself as a separate volume, so that Geant4 would have a step boundary at the entrance and exit of the aperture. Then you could have a separate “diffraction process” to change the photon’s direction.

Thanks for the quick answer, i was afraid of that. i see what i can get nevertheless

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