Direction of secondary electrons


I’m trying to simulate electron ionization in a target volume (icsd example)…
How can i get the direction of secondary electrons from SteppingAction?
I know that i can get the initial direction of primary electrons from : preStep->GetMomentumDirection()
and the final direction of primary electrons from: postStep->GetMomentumDirection()
But how can i find the direction of secondary electrons?
I tried this but it didn’t work and the result is different from the direction set in the physics model class:

            G4double E= preStep->GetKineticEnergy();
            G4double Ep= postStep->GetKineticEnergy();  
            G4double totalMomentum = std::sqrt(E*(E + 2.*CLHEP::electron_mass_c2 ));
            G4double totalMomentump = std::sqrt(Ep*(Ep + 2.*CLHEP::electron_mass_c2 ));

            G4ThreeVector primaryDirection = preStep->GetMomentumDirection();
            G4ThreeVector finalDirection = postStep->GetMomentumDirection();

            G4double secPx = totalMomentum*primaryDirection.x() - totalMomentump*finalDirection.x();
            G4double secPy = totalMomentum*primaryDirection.y() - totalMomentump*finalDirection.y();
            G4double secPz = totalMomentum*primaryDirection.z() - totalMomentump*finalDirection.z();

            G4double secMomentum = std::sqrt(secPx*secPx + secPy*secPy + secPz*secPz);

            secPx /= secMomentum;
            secPy /= secMomentum;
            secPz /= secMomentum;
            G4ThreeVector secDirection;

In the Model Class the final direction of primary electron is calculated as follows:

// final_direction_primary_electrons (scattered electrons)
// deltaDirection is the direction of ejected electron

G4ParticleMomentum primaryDirection = particle->GetMomentumDirection();
G4double particleMass = particle->GetDefinition()->GetPDGMass();
G4double totalEnergy = k + particleMass;
G4double pSquare = k * (totalEnergy + particleMass);
G4double totalMomentum = std::sqrt(pSquare);
G4double deltaTotalMomentum = std::sqrt(secondaryKinetic*secondaryKinetic + 2.*electron_mass_c2 );

  G4double finalPx = totalMomentum*primaryDirection.x() - deltaTotalMomentum*deltaDirection.x();
  G4double finalPy = totalMomentum*primaryDirection.y() - deltaTotalMomentum*deltaDirection.y();
  G4double finalPz = totalMomentum*primaryDirection.z() - deltaTotalMomentum*deltaDirection.z();
  G4double finalMomentum = std::sqrt(finalPx*finalPx + finalPy*finalPy + finalPz*finalPz);   
  finalPx /= finalMomentum;
  finalPy /= finalMomentum;
  finalPz /= finalMomentum;
  G4ThreeVector direction;

In the Stepping Action, you retrieve the Track and the TrackParentID from the Step. The TrackParentID must be different from zero. Then you retrieve also the particle type and you select electrons. In this way, you can retrieve the information of the secondary electrons.


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