Double Beta Decay

I trying to simulate a Double Beta Decay event using:
/gun/ion Z A
I have tried different physics lists
and registered the decayphysics:
“physicsList->RegisterPhysics(new G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics);”

the required ion is created but no double beta decay.
any suggestions?

Thanks, Yaacov.

Dear Yaacov,

the Radioactive Decay module does not support double beta decay (either two-neutrino or neutrinoless). This is a very specific topic (also given the variety of mechanisms that can generate the 0nbb decay). So far, I have seen external codes to produce 0nbb or 2n2b events, that are then fed into Geant4 as primary state.


Hi Yaacov,

The C++ library is the C++ port of the legacy famous Decay0 fortran library (199X -> today) which has been used or is still in use by top-level DBD experiments.
BxDecay0 implements many DBD emitters and various DBD modes as well as radioactive nuclides of interest (usual calibration sources and background providers for DBD and DM physics). The recently released tag 1.0.8 proposes a companion shared library that provides a bridge to Geant4 (>=10.6) and provides a primary generator action class (with associated messenger class) which embeds the BxDecay0’s decay generator. BxDecay0 is GPL code. It should run on any Unix/BSD flavor with a decent C++ compiler + CMake.
Feel free to make a try and feedback!
Best regards
F.Mauger - University of Caen Normandy, LPC Caen, CNRS/IN2P3