Draw mesh box during visualization

Hello in my simulation I currently have 2 circular targets. I added the scoring mesh function to get the deposited energy in the targets. The scoring mesh works in the dump file but I can’t get an image like this one

Here my two targets

then I run this command
/control/execute run1.mac

and I get the interaction

then I run these commands

/score/colorMap/setMinMax ! 0. 200.
/control/alias iAxis 1
/control/loop drawCylinderSlice.mac iColumn 0 29 7

and I get this image

And I also have this error

Does anyone understand the reason because of?
This is the full simulation https://we.tl/t-cRlyHaRxKT

@allison in another topic you said me that probably the scoring mesh position doesn’t fit with the targets position. I checked and I think that the position is ok, because, I tried to move the scoring mesh position and I didn’t get released energy! It means that the position is ok, because out of the targets particles can’t release energy (There is the vacuum!)
So the position is ok. There should ben another problem but I didn’t understan which one!
Please, can you check it ?

Does anyone know how to solve please?

I’m not sure what exactly you think is wrong. Of course it does not look like the demo, because it’s your app, but maybe it’s right - some dose in the first disc, very little in the second. So there might not be a problem.

As for the QColor warning, I think it can be ignored.

I’m afraid I do not have time to build your app on my machine and investigate - and, anyway, what am I to investigate? All looks OK to me.

Thank you @allison

No…because by the dump file, I see that the released energy is equivalent in the two targets…

Ok…don’t worry if you can’t check it