E-/hole tracking in semiconductor

I need to track the electrons having energy as low as 1eV. Can we use the Geant4-DNA physics to track e-/hole pairs in semiconductors?

I don’t believe G4DNA does that, but it might. There is also a separate library on GitHub, G4CMP with a brand new supporting preprint, which includes both electron/hole tracking as well as phonon tracking in semiconductors. It is designed for deeply cryogenic (millikelvin) applications, so there are processes and features which are not included.

Thanks @mkelsey, I will check the G4CMP repo.

As @mkelsey said, you can only calculate the energy deposition in the sensitive volume. Then you can calculate the number of electron/hole pairs. Then you can to import that information in another tool. I suggest to start from reading the publications of Prof. Reed at Vanderbilt University. He and his group did a lot of work in this field.