Electric Field and electron/hole recombination

Hello, I am trying to simulate charge (electron hole) generation inside a silicon box. I know that electric field can have impact on electrons and holes recombining thereby affecting charge generation. Is this phenomenon included in geant4 program when I apply electric field inside?

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I am not sure if Geant4 takes charge drift and diffusion into account. However you can look into AllPix squared that does takes these effects into account.


where can I look into the AllPix squared? Geant4 where? Thanks a lot

Do a Google search it is available on git.

Thank you for your reply. I will definitely check that out.

The Geant4 toolkit does not include solid state effects like electron/hole pairs, lattices, dispersion relations, etc. G4 treats all materials as amorphous continua with spatially uniform properties.
In particular the G4 ionization processes (which is where you might imagine e/h production to occur, tend to have a lower validity range in the tens of eV, well above the semiconductor bandgaps.

I maintain, and continue to develop, an add-on library called “G4CMP” (https://github.com/kelseymh/G4CMP.git) which is a preliminary attempt to support these sorts of things. It has some known limitations and missing features, but might possibly be useful for your case.

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I have a problem defining an amorphous selenium (a-Se) in the Geant4 program
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I searched a lot a lot in Google and I did not find her definition???, please help me
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This question should be posted as a new topic in Geometry, Fields and Transportation (Materials are part of the geometry model).

hello,G4CMP can work on the project of electron/hole recombination?
is there have some example?