Electromagnetic components in showers - Calorimetry

Hello all,

I am working on dual-readout calorimetry and my objective is to compute the electromagnetic fraction of the showers.
Particles that interact electromagnetically such as electrons, positrons, and gamma contribute to the electromagnetic showers. The hadronic showers are generated by particles which interact through the strong nuclear force. However, the particles generated in the hadronic showers can interact electromagnetically (such as neutral pions) and thus contribute to the electromagnetic fraction of the hadronic showers.
As far as I checked, I didn’t see anything on that topic. I would like to know if something already exists, if anyone had done something similar and/or if you have any ideas.

Any help is appreciated, thank you !


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The dual-readout calorimeter is one of the key subdetectors of the IDEA detector concept for FCCee. You may find several papers about it. Some interesting material here, here, here .